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Summer Solstice / Te Maruroa o te Raumati



Start Time

20/12/2011 12:00 a.m.

End Time

20/12/2011 11:59 p.m.


Wicca - Summer Solstice, the longest day, arrives as the year is coming to an end and the holiday season about to begin. Although this is when the sun's light reaches its maximum, it is but the threshold of summer. The crimson flowers of the pohutukawa fringe the coastline, dancing against the blue sea.
 Summer is also announced by the appearance of the star/spirit woman Parearohi shimmering in the sky with her consort Rehua (Antares, the red star in Scorpio). Rehua was sometimes also referred to as the sun and people would say karakia to Rehua 'Rehua is the sun, and if he did not shine the grass and vegetation would die and life would cease.
 In the Druid tradition, these words are spoken:
 'We are met here on the shortest night of the year to celebrate the zenith of the Mabon, the Sun-Child of the Druid tradition. We come together to honour a great mystery - that every zenith contains its nadir, as every nadir its zenith. And we come together too, to celebrate the power of light and warmth and Summer. The sun which has warmed and lighted us through the Wheel of the Year seems to stand still for several days. This is the time of Great Light.'
 This is also the time of Kiwi Christmas - a Summer Solstice rather than a Winter Solstice celebration in this part of the world.

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